News Stories

For A Homeless Child, A Long Ride To 4th Grade

Every night, N-Dia Layne would set the alarm on her mother’s cellphone to 4:45 a.m. If the two of them were not on the subway platform at 103rd Street and Broadway by 6:20 a.m., there was no way N-Dia would be on time for school.

Even so, N-Dia, was often late. By the end of October, the fourth grader was just one tardiness away from the six allowed a student for the entire term. Her mother, Whitnee Layne, was frantic with worry.

When It Comes To Veterans, Donald Trump’s Rhetoric Is Much More Generous Than His Giving Record

Although he’s not going to get it, Donald Trump demanded $5 million from CNN this week to appear in the network’s next debate. The billionaire added that he would donate the money to veterans and the Wounded Warriors Foundation. That would be $4.94 million more than his charitable foundation has given veterans in recent years, Forbes found.

Donald Trump Raised More Money For Veterans In A Single Day Than He Gave To Charity In Four Years

Donald Trump announced today that his foundation collected $5.6 million for veterans at a Jan. 28 fundraiser. That amount is more money than what his foundation gave to charity in four years, FORBES found.

What Life For ISIS’ Female Recruits Is Like — And What Happens If They Try To Leave

Images of masked individuals pumping guns into the air and carrying out acts of violence have flooded social media as examples of life for members of the Islamic State. But life for female members of ISIS is drastically different than the vision conjured by propaganda.

How Does ISIS Recruit Westerners Online? Sexual Predators Use Strikingly Similar Tactics

Rather than lure young people to a street corner where they may be abducted, these online predators are suggesting different meet-up locations: Turkey, Syria and Iraq. Terrorism experts liken the recruitment tactics used by the Islamic State to sexual predators who prey on their victims through online communication.




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